The Unlikely Risk Faced By Green Conservatives

Green conservatism combines the principles of conservatism and those of environmentalism to come up with a single way to voice against environmental degradation.

Conservatism appeals to individuals who are interested in retaining the basic values and traditions of their societies.

This principle is extended to the environment. In this case, such individuals advocate for the retaining of the natural elements of the environment, irrespective of the changes surrounding the environment under consideration. According to green conservatives, the major environmental elements of a specific place should remain unchanged even after many years have elapsed.

Thus, conservatism borders on the social and political philosophies whose main focus is on the preservation of the environment, emphasising the continuity of the various elements of the natural environment. Today, green conservatism is held in high esteem in various parts of the world. But, it varies from one place to another. This is mainly because conservativeness is defined based on the various traditions, values or cultural beliefs that a specific society wants to retain.

“Green Conservatism”

Green Conservatism; The Important Truth

The important truth about green conservatism is that it is mainly political and stems from conservative politics. Therefore, it is actually safe to view green conservatism as a form of politics that supports the need to conserve the environment through the use of political moves. A good number of green conservatives around the world use legislative laws to protect the environment.

Even though the laws themselves differ from one country to another, they are all centred on protecting the environment in a conservative manner (i.e. with emphasis on preserving and perpetuating specific elements of an environment for a prolonged period of time).

Green Conservatism; The Unlikely Risk They Face

If you are a proponent for green conservatism, you are obviously wondering whether there is any risk that liberals are not always in support of all the agendas of green conservatives. This is despite the fact that green conservatives come up with political moves that are aimed at safeguarding the environment and especially preserving certain natural elements considered to be worth retaining for a prolonged period of time.

Many liberal environmentalists are opposed to the idea of conserving an environment for purposes of retaining certain unique properties of that environment. According to them, they feel that this is not enough to save the environment. Some even feel that it is one way of destroying the environment.

A perfect example of a piece of land that sparked a fierce argument between liberal and conservative environmentalists is a piece of land in Arizona, which had been preserved for over 30 years, but still ended up becoming a desert.

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