Green Liberalism: Differences And Similarities In Opinion Between Liberals And Conservatives

Green liberalism embraces the ideas of liberal environmentalists. It is a combination of the ideologies of politically and environmentally- minded liberal individuals, whose sole desire is to keep the environment safe while sustaining the needs of the people.

Unlike conservatives, liberals feel that matters of the environment are not supposed to preside over those of inhabitants of that environment. Rather, the needs of the inhabitants of the environment must be met while safeguarding the wellbeing of the environment.

These are but a few examples of the differences that exist between environmentalists who are liberals and those who are conservatives. There are several others that exist between the two as highlighted in the passage.

Major Differences

“No room for compromise; the conservatives have little room for compromise.”

Safeguarding the environment is limited; the liberals and the conservatives are different in that the former areas more interested in safeguarding the environment up to a certain extent. There is little emphasis on the need to continue preserving an environment that is not adding any value to the society. Conservatives value the need to perpetuate environmental elements (either in part or in whole) irrespective of whether they are adding value to the society or not. The goal is to make sure the environment remains intact for future generations to experience it.

No room for compromise; the conservatives have little room for compromise. It is actually safe to say that they are rigid in as far as environmental protection is concerned. They are willing to try by all means to safeguard environments which they consider important. This is unlike liberals who have some room for negotiations and even compromise.

Motivation to punish offenders; conservatives take the issue of contravening environmental laws more seriously than liberals. Thus they are more likely to slap penalties on offenders at all costs compared to liberals.

“Both value the need to protect the environment; they both value the need to safeguard the well-being of the environment.”

Major Similarities

Although there are many differences that exist between environmentalists that are liberal and those that are conservative, a number of similarities also exist. Here is a look at some of the major similarities between environmentalists that are conservative and those that are liberal.

Both value the need to protect the environment; they both value the need to safeguard the well-being of the environment. Even though liberals may not be as rigid as conservatives on matters pertaining to safeguarding the environment, they are also willing to go to reasonable extremes to keep the environment safe.

Both value the need to add value to the society; environmental protection is now regarded as more important than economic development which degrades the environment.

The world is now moving towards sustainable development, which is a form of development that does not cause extensive damage or no harm at all to the environment. Both liberals and conservatives value the need to conserve the environment while adding value to the society.

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