About Us

Ecologia Sociale is a website that is dedicated to informing the members of the general public about social ecology and all the global issues associated with it. We have a great passion for the conservation of the environment both in the US and the entire globe. This explains why we are willing to go to lengthy extremes to gather information pertaining to social ecology and the conservation of the environment. Our website is not limited to the basic information about the conservation of the environment. Rather, it extends to as far as the technicalities pertaining to the conservation of the environment and the various factors that account for the degradation of the environment. This is but a summary of what our website is able to offer. There is more that the site has to offer as explained further below.

A Detailed Account Of Social Ecology

Social ecology may not be a famous subject, but it is quite important. Over the years, it has become quite important as more people have come to learn about the relationship that exists between social problems and ecological problems. The website is also home to information pertaining to the history of social ecology and how it is related to the conservation of the environment. You can learn about who started social ecology and the fundamental principles on which it is based.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is one hot issue of this age. Today, the entire world is talking about environmental conservation. Our website is home to information pertaining to the conservation of the environment. Even the most advanced information about the conservation of the environment can be found on the website. If you wish to learn more about how global leaders can contribute to the conservation of the environment, this website is for you.

Additional information about environmental conservation can also be found on the site. If you wish to learn about how the environment has been damaged or is being damaged and why there is an urgent need to save it, you can also do well to visit the website.

The Food Crisis

The website also provides information on the food crisis. Today, the global village is ravaged by crises of all kinds. Today, the food crisis is among the most serious crises that the world is facing. Our website is home to information about the global food crisis and the best ways to curb the crisis.

Eco-Feminism And Eco-Tourism

Our website is also home to a detailed account of what eco-feminism and eco-tourism refer to. If these terms are news to you, this is the website you should visit. It explains what the two terms refer to at a basic level and also provides advanced information pertaining to the two subjects. If you want to know the best places to visit for purposes of experiencing some of the most alluring, naturally- existing environments, our website is for you. Further, it also offers insight into the relationship that exists between the environmental problems and gender equality.

Additional Information About Ecotourism

Our site offers additional information on what ecotourism refers to and the best destinations to visit for a memorable ecotourism experience. The term ecotourism often sounds new to most people, but the word is actually over two decades old. As early as 1990, the International Ecotourism Society had brought the term into existence and coined a definition for it.

According to the society, ecotourism is the responsible travel to parts of the world that have naturally preserved environments, which help to improve the wellbeing of local inhabitants of those parts of the world. It is sometimes referred to as green travel or even nature travel. This is mainly because it is a form of tourism that is based on visiting naturally- preserved environments, whose state has been preserved for purposes of keeping the environment safe and benefiting the local people.

Ecotourism is perhaps the only form of tourism where there is concerned for the local people and the environment itself. It is a win for both the environment and the local people who are resident in the environment. Ecotourism promotes the continued preservation of natural environments and the improvement of the local economy in which the same environment is based. This attribute is actually what sets it apart from all the other forms of tourism that exist today, and also explains why our site promotes ecotourism.